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No ftp or html hassles!

Ok. Maybe not THAT easy!

Web page Updates Made Easy!

Whether you host a dozen sites or just edit your home page, EZ Webitor is a tool designed to make your web editing tasks easier! 

For the Content Editor . . .
We know how much time can be spent making sure your html is valid, uploading files, or just typing all of your updates into an e-mail to send to your web designer so he can make the changes!  With EZ Webitor, you can save time, eliminate extra steps, and focus on quickly and efficiently updating your site.

. . . or the Web Designer

Give your customers the control they desire over their website content and free yourself up to do other things.  EZ Webitor lets you design any website without limitation, as you normally would, and yet make any text portion easily editable.  Give your clients full content control without allowing them access to confusing html source files or the need to operate an FTP program.

Easy-to-use CMS Database Application

EZ Webitor offers the option of giving your customers editing control based on their level of experience. Choose from a simple, intermediate, or advanced WYSIWYG html editor interface. Since EZ Webitor is data-base driven, you can control most of the functionality through an easy-to-use admin panel instead of scrambling through code to add and delete features. 

EZ set-up!

EZ functionality!

EZ for your customers to use!

Here are just some of its great features!

Easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing!

  • Can be integrated with any existing website that supports php scripting & mysql databases!
  • As much or as little of your website can be made editable as you choose.
  • Can be used virtually anywhere you have internet access!
  • You can install EZ Webitor yourself by following our easy to use instructions.  (You may need assistance from your web host for database setup). 
  • Or, we will set it up for you at no extra charge. (Includes database configuration and making one page editable.  This requires we have FTP and control panel access to your site.) 




Just Easy

Tired of dealing with repeated changes?

Don't want to mess with HTML or FTP details?

EZ Webitor is the solution for you!

EZ Webitor combines PHP and mysql to create a powerful solution
that's easy to use.

Try out the Live Demo
to see for yourself!

It's All About Customer Satisfaction

I was overwhelmed with frequent content changes to my customers' websites.   They were getting frustrated because they wanted to make quick changes to their website but didn't want to trouble me with those routine updates.

I needed a way to allow them to easily maintain specific portions of their sites without disrupting the overall design and layout they looked to me to provide.

EZ Webitor was the perfect solution.

My clients have the control they want without jeopardizing the look and feel of their site and I have more time to spend designing great websites.

My clients are happy and I couldn't be happier thanks to EZ Webitor !!!

Terri Goff
Web Designer

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